Tuesday 29 November 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Youth Boosting Perfect Skin Foundation SPF15

Shade: 5 Medium [pink tone]
       Wearing Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation in 5 Medium

As you may have discovered from reading my previous come-back post last year I became a mommy to my gorgeous son who has turned one year this month, time truly flies. Being a full-time mother has decreased my beauty indulgence time quite significantly and as I have only limited time to get ready these days this has been my go-to foundation in the past six months. So I decided what could be a better first beauty come-back blog than a luscious foundation.

First things first. Way before mommy days I have been a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury beauty range. I particularly love her eyeshadow palette and the Rock'N'Kohl eyeliner. Charlotte Tilbury's beauty products are fail-proof to me and especially when I have very little time to get ready this Light Wonder foundation is the perfect option.

Texture-wise it's a light-weight foundation with a slight luminosity that creates a youthful glow on the skin. At the moment my skin is in desperate need of a good exfoliation routine, but even so you can see that the foundation sits very natural yet provides enough day-to-day coverage. A major plus point for me is that the foundation washes off very easily, which means washing the foundation brush takes hardly any time!

One thing I would advice on is that it seems the 5 Medium shade is the most popular hence it is actually sold out on the Charlotte Tilbury website, I might be wrong but I think that the sales people at the CT beauty counters seem to recommend this shade most to women with my complexion. When the CT beauty counter at Selfridges was first launched I went to check it out and was given the 7 Medium to try, and it was a perfect shade for me although I must say in the winter-days I do have to fake tan for it to look natural with the rest of the body. But the yellow-tone and the actual shade is incredibly flattering.

When I went to buy the foundation at Brent Cross CT beauty counter I was recommended 5 Medium by the salesgirl. I find that the Selfridges CT beauty counter has always the best salespeople that give you a great advice and a truly helpful, so if you need an advice this is the right place to get it! I explained that I need a yellow-tone and that this 5 Medium seems to have a pink base in it. She was convinced that 5 Medium is yellow-tone and that anything above would be way too dark for me. Having recently found those 7 Medium samples I actually regret listening to the salesgirl as the 7 Medium is a much better match for my complexion. Next time I will re-purchase this foundation it will definitely be the 7 Medium, it has that sexy St.Tropez tone which makes the rest of the make-up look even more beautiful.


Sunday 20 November 2016

New Blogging Beginnings!

My lovely readers,

it's been a very long time since I have written a blog about the subject I love so much. In fact looking at the date of my last blog it's been exactly one year and eight months since my fingertips touched the keyboard to produce a piece of writing... I took a long break to concentrate on my personal life and now I am not only a wife but foremost a mother of a beautiful boy! It is interesting that the last time I wrote on my blog it was to feature Mother's Day gift ideas and now I am coming back as a mommy myself! Becoming a mother has been an incredible experience, which I feel very fortunate for.

Beauty has changed for me in so many ways, during the last year it sort of almost vanished from my life as I had absolutely no time to do my make-up or paint my nails every other day. But now my boy is one year old and I am managing to have some me-time and indulge in the beauty world and be girly again. My beauty routine has changed somewhat, I now tend to use only products that are on the top of my list. 

In addition to all of that over a month ago we have also moved out of London to live in a gorgeous countryside close to Cambridge. I am still in the process of decorating the house, which is another one of my big passions and we are loving our new life in our new home. It's been an incredible journey and having now accomplished all three parts of my life I want to return to blogging and hopefully filming beauty tutorials soon too. Currently I am setting up my vanity room which will double as a studio. But first things first, back to blogging! 

I'd like to thank all of you who have supported me through my blogging years on different social media platforms! I have missed blogging dearly and today as I put my baby boy down for a nap, looking outside of the window covered by rainy mist and seeing beautiful landscape of fields I decided it is time to come back. So lets toast to new blogging beginnings! 

Much Love,
Alyona X