Tuesday 19 February 2013

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 Review!

shade: Warm Beige 3.5

For a few months I have been on a mission trying to finish off some of my foundations that I had for a while... Some of them were either a wrong shade that I had to mix in with another foundation, and others just stopped working on my complexion, which has changed in the last couple of years but they used to be perfect... So far I have done really well, and I am left with few foundations to go, two of which were a gel-like texture which used to work ok on my skin but now this type of foundation breaks me out, it must be something in the ingredients that doesn't work on my oily/combo skin... So although I have been having good skin now it started to react to those foundation, so I think I'll just throw them out... But having had a bit of a foundation journey now I want to settle on a beautiful high end foundation... 

Also the season will be changing soon, which means I'll start wearing less coverage... One of the remaining foundations in my collection I have revisited is Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15... I purchased this foundation over two years ago, and I used to really love it, then my skin got a bit out of control and it didn't have enough coverage for me... But now my skin is more or less under control and this foundation looks just so beautiful, it reminded me of how much I used to love it! Having said that, I only have about one/fifth left in the bottle, so I think I definitely will repurchase this one! 

This foundation has a really light and runny consistency, as you can see on the pic... It's perfect for a natural look but has enough coverage, and a dewy finish without being too glowy as those of us with oily/combo skin try to avoid the extra glowy-ness... I think it's one of those foundations that are great for both dry and combo skin, unless you are super oily, in summer I would definitely need a different foundation as that is when my skin goes on an oil over-drive... But now during winter it lasts very well and I love the way it makes my skin look, it would be equally beautiful on fresh springy day, which I am really looking forward too!! Yay, we are only couple weeks away from spring...



  1. I'm still searching for that holy grail foundation too.
    I'm an oily skinned girl too and i don't need as much coverage now as I used to need.
    I love the Guerlain parure extreme and the Clarins ever matte for Winter and MAC studio sculpt or Estee Lauder doublewear light for the Summer.
    It's so difficult to find that balance of perfect for oily skin but not too matte or too cakey. Maybe I should give this Bobbi Brown one a chance xxx

    1. I used to have this Lancome Matte Foundation, I don't remember what exactly it's called, but it was beautiful, also one of my favourites that I may repurchase if I won't find anything new I'll love... xxx