Friday 9 March 2012

Avon Super Extend Extreme Mascara Review...

 Avon Super Extend Extreme Mascara...
nails: Essie Tour de Finance [latest collection]

Isn't this a luscious little mascara... I love the design of it, my make up has to look pretty sexy, thank you very much... And with the spring entering our minds and bodies(!) this cool, yellow mascara is something every vanity table could do with... But don't we all want the beauty to be not just outside, but most importantly inside? The wand reminds me of the covergirl lash blast but better! I am quite in love with this mascara, the consistency is great and it gives you seductively long and full lashes without feeling heavy and clumping them together... A girls dream in a yellow tube!



  1. I wish you posted photos of how it looks on your lashes, I find it's helpful on making a decision on how well it works.

    1. Hi,
      this was one of my early blogpost, as I didn't even take a picture of the wand, which I now always do. Having said that I am actually using this mascara daily at the moment, coming almost to the end now. You can see it on in this blogpost: Hope this helps! I haven't mentioned that this mascara is in the shade Black, and that it has fibres, which is what makes it extend the lashes, but it wears super comfortably, and gets off easily which I love! x