Friday 2 December 2016

BaByliss Boutique Salon Ceramic Rollers

BaByliss Boutique Salon Ceramic Rollers

When it comes to hair, again mama doesn't have that much time. And when I am in the mood to dedicate a few minutes to hair styling then this is a trusty [new] friend that helps me out. If I have an extra 5-10 minutes before applying my make-up I quickly roll these ceramic rollers on and take them off when I finish with the make-up. I am not fond of a crispy curl, so the soft curls you get with these rollers are right up my alley. 

The rollers heat up really quickly as they are heated up from the centre as visible on the image above, this makes them the perfect temperature to work magic on those curls. What I also like about these rollers is that they are ceramic, which enables them to keep the heat for longer and the luxurious velvet coating makes the hair curl beautifully against the soft base of the roller. The velvet seems to help with making the hair shiny!

Another huge bonus is that the clips have a separate heat bar that gets them to the same temperature as the rollers and so the hair gets infused by the heat from both the inside and outside of the curl. The end result is a gorgeous soft curl/wave that looks modern and sophisticated. I have not used any hair products to achieve this look and kept the ceramic rollers on briefly, about 10-15 minutes. If you prefer more definition to the curl then keep the rollers on for longer and use adequate styling products to set the curls.

Also on a separate note. I ordered these BaByliss hot rollers from and along with a couple of free samples I also got a neat iPhone cover also for free! It was a great surprise as actually my old cover was all cracked up and needed urgent replacement. So thank you feelunique for being so generous, these little touches make ordering beauty products even more fun!


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