Tuesday 15 October 2013

MAC Matchmaster SPF15 Foundation Review!

Hey Beauts! This is my first MAC liquid foundation, which I have used for over a month now. I have a combo/oily skin type which is also prone to breakouts. Firstly, I find that MAC Matchmaster doesn't have a great shade selection. I was matched with this shade 3.0 at the counter and it looked alright, however when I got home and applied it it was way too orange on me, literally 3-4 shades darker. So I ended up mixing it with Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation in 1.1 which is too light for me at the moment. Equally the shade up 2.0 [MAC Matchmaster] is way too light on me.

I wouldn't recommend MAC Matchmaster for dry skin, but it lasts amazingly on combination and oily skin! It stays put the entire day, doesn't break up on the oily patches. If anything it almost felt a bit too drying even on my skin, it would catch on dry bits of skin so perhaps it would be better to wear it during the hot season when skin is naturally more hydrated. 

Unfortunately I had to stop wearing this foundation because my skin got out of control. I got cystic acne, painful non-stop breakouts with something new appearing every day. First I wasn't sure what happened, but I know that some people tend to breakout from MAC liquid foundations. So maybe there is an ingredient that my skin doesn't like. As soon as I stopped wearing this foundation my skin started to calm down immediately and everything cleared up pretty quick. 

It is a shame because MAC Matchmaster is a foundation that managed to last on me the longest. I would still wear it when my skin doesn't feel dehydrated like it does during autumn/winter and perhaps just for the day when I need to last it to the end. My skin started to go a little crazy after about a week of using it, so I think a day here and there wouldn't do any harm.


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