Saturday 9 November 2013

Top Five Eye Makeup Brushes: MAC, RealTechniques, Sonia Kashuk...

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RealTechniques Detailer Brush
N7 Eye Colour Brush
MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush 
Sonia Kashuk Large Crease Brush 
Bare Escentuals Heavenly Eyeshadow Buffing Brush

Hey Beauts! Having recently written about top five face makeup brushes that I use in my daily makeup routine I decided to also share my top five essential eye makeup brushes! RealTechniques Detailer Brush I use as an under eye concealer brush with Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, this concealer is thick and has a waxy texture which I find is best picked up by and applied with this brush as the bristles aren't too soft and keep a good shape.  N7 Eye Colour Brush is great for eyeshadows that have cream or mousse textures, the bristles are synthetic and very hard so they are great for layering and building up the product.

MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush is a new addition to my makeup brush collection. I have no idea how I could've possible managed without it before. It lays eyeshadow onto the lid in such a beautiful way, also great for taking it underneath the lower lash line for a smudged look. My Sonia Kashuk Large Crease Brush is pretty old, the packaging has been updated since - the handle looks a little different now but the brush is still the same. It's a great brush for taking the eyeshadow into the socket, perfect density and rounded shape. Bare Escentuals Heavenly Eyeshadow Buffing Brush is amazing for blending the edges, it has a straight cut of the bristles which makes it act as an eraser in a way.


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