Tuesday 12 November 2013

Models Own Bottleshop!

Hey Beauty Lovers! I was super excited when the Models Own Bottleshop suddenly appeared in Brent Cross. I think originally the Bottleshop was set up in Westfield, so it's great to have one in my local shopping-mall now too. Warning! If you are a nailpolish junkie like moi and have never entered a small space filled with nailpolish before, you may find yourself in a little ecstatic heaven where it's hard to control yourself... It's a really fun experience entering the Bottleshop, being exposed to a huge variety of nailpolishes makes you feel like a kid in a candy store - you want all of it and at once, please!! So if you haven't been to a Models Own Bottleshop yet it's totally worth checking it out. They have a fab choice of all sorts of colours, textures, glitters - you name it they have it! 


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