Saturday 1 February 2014

On-Trend: The Alternative Top-Knot!

Hey Beauty Lovers! I call this hair style the alternative top-knot because it combines two hair trends in one. I came up with this look when I was trying to do something new with my hair when it was insanely windy outside and the rain was pouring down. Top-knot is one of my most worn hair styles, it's super effortless and very quick to make regardless of what your hair looks like that day. And obviously it's great for a bad weather day as it looks pretty cool and stays put! 

So to create this look firstly I spray a bit of Bumble and Bumble White Hair Powder into the roots, which is a dry shampoo and it helps to create a bit of volume and texture. Then I separate the top half of the hair into the classic top-knot. To find out how I create the perfect top-knot click here! Then the lower half I separate in the middle and holding the hair up from one side I create a braid and use one of those tiny elastic bands on the end, repeating the same process with the other side. So then you have two braids that you need to bring together in the centre and fix them in place with bobby pins, the end you want to tuck in around the base of the top-knot and also fix them in place with bobby bins.


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