Friday, 23 December 2016

Last Minute Personalised Christmas Wreath!

If for whatever reason you still have not had a chance to decorate your home yet, there is never such a thing as too late. Here is an idea of how to create a beautiful and unique wreath with your personal touch. And also on a plus side whichever wreaths are still available at the shops at this point they are likely to be discounted.

I have been given this faux wreath as a present and although I like the combination of pastel tones, snowy effect and the succulents accent it nonetheless was lacking that Christmasy je ne satis qui... So here is what I did to spruce it up and give it a warm decorative touch. 

Firstly this wreath comes from Sainsbury. I went and bought baubles different size and colour which adds a bit of interest. The slightly larger golden baubles also had different texture, some smooth and others covered with glitter. I randomly secured them all around the wreath but mostly keeping them more in the middle of the wreath as they are chunkier than the small baubles. 

The smaller rose gold baubles also had two textures, glossy and matte. Some of them I placed in clusters of three and some singular, this time taking them closer to the inner and outer edge of the wreath, which helped to brake up a structured look. 

And finally I had some old led lights form last Christmas and I decided to go for a clear cord and red led lights [I believe I got these at B&Q]. They are really neat and resemble little red winter berries when lighten up. The red lights also help to transform an otherwise chic wreath into a more festive Christmas decoration. It was a quick job and I know for sure no neighbour down the road has the same wreath hanging on their door! 


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