Saturday 8 March 2014

DHC Bio Cellulose Mask Review!

Hey Beauty Lovers! As promised here is the DHC Bio Cellulose Mask Review! First of all, I do look like straight out of Almodóvar's The Skin I Live In... But beside the point, this mask is a skincare supreme! It's a gel mask that comes in a sachet and has two protective sheets on both sides which you have to remove before applying. When you apply it make sure that the tag is on the right side. There are cuts on each side which you can pull and overlap to make sure the mask sits perfectly, I realised that later as you can see the little corner is sticking out at the bottom before I adjusted it.

On the package it says it's a 20 minute facial, however I wore it for a whole hour, it just felt so good and luxurious that I literally didn't want to peel it off my skin. The cellulose from fermented coconut water is super hydrating. Neem leaf provides soothing properties, while shell ginger water conditions and amino acid softens for a rejuvenated complexion. I couldn't detect any scent. Having oily/combo blemish prone skin type I had absolutely no problem. After removing the mask my skin felt super plump and incredibly soft. Still next day my skin felt beautifully smooth and balanced. If you have a special event coming up it's a must-have!


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