Thursday 20 March 2014

On-Trend: Reversed French Manicure: Blue & Gold!

Hey Beauty Lovers! The Reversed French Manicure nail look has been showcased at a few fashion shows last year, basically it's a fresh take on the dated French tip. There are different ways of wearing a reversed French man-i-cure as Alexa Chung calls it, some more intricate and others more doable. This look is great for anyone who is not a professional nail artist as it's very simple to create but looks pretty neat! So to begin I have primed my nails with a base coat, followed by two coats of BarryM Gelly nailpolish in Blueberry, it is my favourite colour from this range, it looks super chic and has that expensive looking colour saturation! Then I took a super fine artist brush and just doted couple of rows of Essie Good As Gold in the half moon shape. Et voilĂ !


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