Wednesday 5 March 2014

Bio Sculpture Gel Vitamin Dose + Executive Base!

Hey Beauty Lovers! Lately I have noticed my nails started peeling which they didn't do for a very long time. So I'm trying to strengthen them at the moment. Bio Sculpture Gel is a British brand that is new to me, and they do products mainly orientated for gel nails but also many products that can be used on regular nails. The Vitamin Dose and Executive Base have been formulated to help nourish nails that are affected by gel manicure, so it must be good on regular nails too. 

Vitamin Dose is a cucumber infused vitamin boost to stimulate healthy and strong nail growth, it has a watery texture and you simply apply it onto clean bare nails as well as the cuticles and leave it to get absorbed for a minute before following up with the base coat. Executive Base is a multi-factional strengthening base that will 'compress the nail keratin to strengthen soft and weak nails'. I haven't used these two products long enough to see any change yet but this is the nail treatment that I'm using right now, but will do a full review at a later stage.

Update: I've been using these two products for over a month now. I have noticed that my cuticles became really dry and the only thing that I have changed in my manicure regiment is applying the Vitamin Dose as recommended on the nail as well as the cuticle. It seems to be actually to harsh on the cuticles. And I'm not too happy with the Executive Base either, it it makes nailpolish chip pretty badly, literally half of the nail comes off not just a bit at the edge. So I'm going to stop using these now and will try to nourish the cuticles. But I'm still loving the Bio Sculpture nailpolish!


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