Thursday 13 March 2014

Spring Mint Nails with Bio Sculpture Nailpolish in Pistachio!

Hey Beauty Lovers! I have recently featured Bio Sculpture Vitamin Dose + Executive Base nail treatment, which I'm currently using to strengthen my nails. If you haven't read the review yet click here! Although it's a brand that was designed for gel nails they also have many nail products that work on real nails such as the treatment and also they have a beautiful nailpolish collection! One of the colours I'm particularly in love is the shade 100 Pistachio! It's a super chic greyish mint with the lightest touch of shimmer that is hardly noticeable but gives the nailpolish a nice dimension. 

So to create this spring mint nail art I have applied the Bio Sculpture Vitamin Dose and Executive Base, followed by two coats of Bio Sculpture nailpolish in Pistachio. It looks beautifully opaque in two coats and lasts well. Then I just added strips of  nail art super thin foil tape in silver in the middle of the nail, making sure they stick properly and to finish I applied a generous coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat. 


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