Wednesday 16 April 2014

Lush Easter Treats!

Hey Beauty Lovers! Last year I have reviewed the Lush Fluffy Egg for the Easter and this year it's available again! Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb is a pink egg fragranced with Candy Fluff, which is a lovely sweet candy scent. For the full review and more images click here(!) to see the blogpost I wrote last year. Apart from enjoying the Fluff Egg this Easter again I am also loving the Bunny Bath Bomb and Carrot Soap! As you can see I have a dish that is dedicated purely to Lush products, I love keeping Lush soaps and what have you displayed in a dish, which fills the bathroom with a beautiful scent! 

Bunny Bubble Bar is new Limited Edition product, inspired by the White Rabbit in Alice Wonderland. The cute Bunny is full of rich oils and butters, which are super moisturising and conditioning leaving the skin super soft after the bath! It's scented with vanilla absolute and once the Bunny melts in the water it releases floating pretty blue cornflowers! The Carrot Soap has two parts, the orange is made with moisturising carrot seed oil, while the white leaping rabbit in the middle is the conditioning cocoa butter. The scent of the Carrot Soap is refreshingly tropical and super yummy, lingering buchu, lemon and bergamot essential oils.



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