Saturday 5 April 2014

Touché by Flavien Volumising Spray!

Hey Beauty Lovers! I had this Touché by Flavien Volumising Spray sitting on my bathroom counter for ages and I have finally had a chance to try it! If you like your hair to have that natural type of volume but still have that movement, be smooth and soft without that crispy texture - this Volumising Spray is made for you! It's haircare combined with a styling product, it has Prickly Pear to nourish the hair leaving it shiny and healthy looking. You can use this Volumising Spray on dry or damp hair, applying it just into the roots or all over before styling with a round brush. I have asked Flavien if he could share his professional tips & tricks on how to use this Volumising Spray for best result and he has kindly shared his expertise:  

Apply on wet and clean  hair from the roots to the ends. Lift all the roots whilst drying or put your head down to lift the roots. This product is fab if you just have to redo your fringe in the morning. Spray on the part of the hair that needs fixing  (ex: fringe) then blow dry with a round brush.’


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