Tuesday 8 April 2014

Sensai Lipstick Swatches & Review!

 Wearing Sensai Rouge Intense Lasting Colour in IL 101 Hitoeume

Top Row: Sensai Rouge Vibrant Colour [VC 01, VC 08, VC 09, VC 11]
Bottom Row: Sensai Rouge Intense Lasting Colour [IL 101, IL 102, IL 109, IL 110]

As pictured above!
Top Row: VC 01 Sangoiro, VC 08 Fujibakama, VC 09 Akanezome, VC 11 Kurenai
Bottom Row: IL 101 Hitoeume, IL 102 Soubi, IL 109 Neshoubu, IL 110 Hananadeshiko

Hey Beauty Lovers! I've been meaning to do this blogpost for a while and let you know what I think about the Sensai lipsticks! I believe last year, maybe even the year before I went to Sensai skincare press event and was given this Sensai Rouge Introduction Kit to try. Sensai is an amazing Japanese skincare brand, which is what I knew them for before the press event but I was pleasantly surprised that they also had a lovely make-up line, which I wasn't aware of! In this Sensai Rouge Introduction Kit [I believe it's a press sample] are eight lipstick shades from their two lipstick ranges Vibrant Cream Colour and Intense Lasting Colour + Lip Base. The lipsticks are creamy and pigmented and last well! The shades VC 01 Sangoiro, IL 101 Hitoeume and IL 109 Neshoubu have a very subtle pretty shimmer.


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