Monday 14 April 2014

Spring Stripes Nailart with BarryM!

 Blueberry + Lychee

from L to R: 
BarryM Gelly Nailpolish in Blueberry + Lychee, BarryM Matte Nailpolish in Vanilla

Hey Beauty Lovers! Here is a good way of updating your mani without needing to take off nailpolish and paint your nails all over again. As you have seen in my Friday's post I was wearing BarryM Matte nailpolish in Vanilla with a glossy topcoat. To update the look I applied two pastel nailpolishes with a fine artists brush creating overlaid stripes. First I applied short strokes of BarryM Gelly Nailpolish in Blueberry, then offsetting the stripes I applied Lychee from the same nailpolish range repeating the whole process. To create depth I went over with opposite colours applying ever shorter strokes over the top of the original stripes. And then of course to make your fresh mani last longer finish with a topcoat!


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