Thursday 8 May 2014

DHC Liquid Eyeliner Review!

Wearing on the Eyes: 
MAC Eyeshadow in Mulch, DHC Liquid Eyeliner + DHC Double Protection Mascara in Black.
Lips: Topshop Lipstick in Rumour Has It

Hey Beauty Lovers! As much as I have been enjoying the DHC Double Protection Mascara, I am also quite fond of their Liquid Eyeliner. It doesn't seem to have the shade name on the packaging so I assume it only comes in black. Just like the mascara it's the blackest black, which I absolutely love! It comes in a pen with a ball inside that helps to deposit the product into the bristles of the applicator by shaking it. The tip has a sharp point that is not too soft and not too dense, which is just perfect for a precision application. You can create the ultimate fine line or build it up to any desired thickness. Zero transferral and super long lasting. It dries to a super chic matte black, j'adore!!


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