Monday 5 May 2014

Trevor Sorbie Styling Range!

Hey Beauty Lovers! Here are some great and affordable hair styling products that I have been enjoying lately. All three are from the Trevor Sorbie Styling range and have a gorgeous summery scent, so I'd definitely recommend to check these out in the coming months! Another reason why they are great for the summer is their lightweight texture, they are non-heavy and non-sticky. The Dry Shampoo has the most delicious floral scent, and what I love about it beside the ├╝ber sexy scent is that it doesn't leave a powdery cast on the roots as dry shampoos tend to. It's great for refreshing oily roots and also for some volume and texture through out the length.

Invisible Hold Mousse is another great lightweight hair styling product from this range. It creates volume and leaves your hair looking shiny and pretty, use it on wet hair before blow-drying with a round-brush. And finally Natural Hold Hairspray is the perfect light summer time hair spray!


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