Saturday 29 September 2012

Re-Discovery: MAC Constructivist...

MAC Paint Pot in Constructivist is a re-discovery of mine... I had it for years, and when I first started using it, although I loved the colour the texture was just hard to apply, it kind of went on patchy and didn't blend very well... I don't know if my application skills have improved since or what has happened but I am absolutely loving it now! The shimmery dark chocolate shade provides a great base, intensifying the colour that is laid on top... My favourite combo has been MAC Constructivist + Guerlain L'Instant Fauve, it's the Ombre Eclat 1 Shade Eyeshadow, which is a warm shimmery bronzy colour, looks stunning... It has been one of my top loved eyeshadows ever since I tried in August [check out the original blog post by clicking HERE] - being a very beautiful eyeshadow, Guerlain L'Instant Fauve looks even better over MAC Constructivist!


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