Monday 17 September 2012

LFW SS13 Day 4 - Streetstyle Part One...

LFW Day 4... Waking up with a full blown cold I still couldn't miss LFW... These three letters may not mean much to some... Today I learned that there are those who don't even know what it stands for - no wonder when your entire wardrobe consists of two pairs of trousers, one pair of shoes, and a handful collection of dull shirts... But for some of us this is the most exciting time of the year, when catwalks show what we will be wearing in SS13... Today it was an eclectic mix... A bunch of hipsters walked up and down the courtyard... Definitely more exciting and raw Streetstyle-wise than yesterday... Managed to shoot so many pics that I have to divide them into two parts... As celebs were marching in for the Mark Fast fashionshow, including Pixie Lott, paparazzis went a little crazy... I don't even know why they are allowed onto the Somerset courtyard premises, acting like f-ing monkeys - screaming, falling on the ground... The elegant cobbled courtyard suddenly became a zoo... Stay tuned for Part Two!


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