Friday 22 February 2013

Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay-on Shadow Paint!

Wearing the 06 Cosmic shade...

I can't believe I bought these last summer, or just before and they have been sitting on my desk ever since, so I finally decided to use them in this look! They are very very pretty and very light!

Estee Lauder Stay-on Shadow Paint in 06 Cosmic [L] and 01 Chained [R]

I have been really looking forward to the new Estee Lauder Shadow Paint cream eyeshadows, they just came out last month... And finally here I have two beautiful shades! There isn't a day when I don't wear a cream eyeshadow either as a base or on it's own so I am a huge fan of the cream eyeshadow texture! I really like the texture of these beauties, first they go on quite sheer and then you can either leave it for a wet natural eyeshadow look or you can easily build it up for more pigmentation... If you have super oily eyelids I'd recommend to use a primer just as you'd do with any other eyeshadows...

The darker shade 06 Cosmic is the one I am wearing, it's a gorgeous shimmery bronzy chocolate, and the the lighter colour is 01 Chained a beautiful satin goldy nude... Both are beautifully smooth, and the texture is very light and mousse-like, very sophisticated as you'd expect from Estee Lauder... I love the element of luxury in Estee Lauder make-up, the textures, the shades, and the packaging...



  1. I swatched every single one of these at the weekend and walked away with the sparkly black one, but man I want them ALL, they're like a better more pigmented and intense paint pot.
    Yet again you're rocking the red tones and I love LOVE your necklace, it's absolutely fab xxx

    1. They are lovely! They are so much creamier than the Paint Pots.. On my oily eyelids I actually find the Estee Lauder Stay-on Shadows more sheer when you first apply them because they are so creamy, but at the same time you have the flexibility to leave it sheer or builds up for more pigment which I absolutely love and it's something you can't do with most creamy eyeshadows as they tend to become patchy if you want a sheer effect... xxx

  2. Hey !
    I love cream eyeshadows !
    Estee Lauder Shadow Paint cream eyeshadows are really good

    1. Yep they are super quick and effortless! :)

      Alyona x