Wednesday 17 April 2013

Avene Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover - Great for Sensitive Eyes!

This is a really lovely eye make-up remover, especially if you are a contact lens wearer you will find it beautifully calming and soothing on the eyes! Avene Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover is also great for puffy eyes, its cooling gel texture glides easily over the eyelids and relieves any irritation or tiredness instantly. I absolutely love the sensation of that soothing feeling on my eyes when I take my make-up off after a long day, priceless!! It literally feels like cucumber slices on my eyes, so good! It's extremely rich in Avene thermal spring water, which has these incredible soothing properties that are fantastic for sensitive eyes. It removes eye make-up with great ease, it even removed some of my waterproof eye-liners and mascaras!


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