Tuesday 2 April 2013

How To Fix a Nailpolish Chip and Extend Nailpolish-Wear...

 Alessandro in Blackberry [shade from their core range of 99 colours]

If you are not familiar with Alessandro they are £8.95 
 Available at: www.alessandro-international.co.uk

Alessandro in Blackberry, OPI in I Juggle...Men, OPI in Which Is Witch?, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

When you get a nailpolish chip it of course tends to happen when it's least desired - on the day you have an event, or dinner to go to, or any other situation you need have chip-free nails... Also when I want to have neat looking nails but don't have time to repaint them I always turn to glitter ombre - this extends the nailpolish-wear by a couple of days! It's the quickest and best way to freshen up tip-wear or hide any nailpolish chips! All dark nailpolishes have a more visible tip-wear, so after I wore Alessandro Blackberry, which is an opaque dark violet shade nailpolish for couple of days it was time to freshen it up... I applied one coat of OPI I Juggle...Men all over the nailplate, it's a great glitter topcoat with pretty tiny duo-chrome fuchsia and blue glitters that looks super pretty over any nailpolish... You can leave this step if you are in a huge rush and go straight to the next step...

Next, for the ombre effect I applied one coat of OPI Which Is Witch? - just make sure to start right at the tip of the nail then taking it slightly down about half way, this makes a softer gradual ombre effect... Which Is Witch? is a really stunning holographic glitter with different shapes of tiny round glitters, and larger particles as well as thin stick glitters - but keep in mind the consistency is quite thick so make sure to have very little on the brush for a more neat ombre look... Depending how bad the chipping is, you may need to apply another coat of the glitter just over the edges... And of course don't forget to use a topcoat, this makes the glitter super sparkly and makes the nails look fresh instantly! 

Few years ago I used to use Seche Vite Top Coat but after I realised that it has a bunch of harmful chemicals I quit, besides it's like ten quid [double the amount of Sally Hansen] for a bottle that dries out literally when you get half way down so basically it's a big waste of money, and it also would pull my nailpolish badly if I'd wash my hands in very warm water, which was super annoying... So I was happy to switch to Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat and I've been using it ever since bottle after bottle!


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