Wednesday 24 April 2013

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver - Unisex Fragrance!

This is another review I wanted to write for a while. I will start by saying that to me all of Tom Ford fragrances are unisex. I happily wear his fragrances for women as well as for men! Without going to deep I am just going to say that there is something about this fragrance that makes me feel very happy. It's comforting in a way. Like when a scent puts you in a happy place, somewhere you went, something you saw or felt with someone very special, a memory is usually what a fragrance evokes. But this fragrance puts me in a very happy place without reminding me of any specific time in my life or a specific person, which is really unusual when it comes to a fragrance. It may sound very strange but instead of the past, this fragrance puts me in a very happy future. Even on my toughest day, after I inhale the intoxicating fumes of Grey Vetiver I somehow know everything will be good.

When I went to purchase Grey Vetiver, the sales assistant was very confused [you know one of those that are rather off-putting than helpful, the common type] - she literally was trying to drag me away from this fragrance saying that it's for men... To me there is no such concept when it comes to a fragrance, fragrance doesn't have a sex, it has a feeling. And really it depends on how you wear the fragrance. I have tested on various occasions and no man detected a "masculine" fragrance, yet they really loved the Grey Vetiver on me. The dominant fresh vetiver [which is Indian grass] is accompanied by salty notes and sunny orange flower and grapefruit, and warm woody accords. It's incredibly irresistible, yet sophisticated, elegant and luxurious. In a way I find Grey Vetiver emancipating and empowering at the same time. If you are a single gal you need this!


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