Friday 24 May 2013

Bronzed Summer Beauty Look with Clarins Splendours Collection!

I was meaning to write about the beautiful Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact and Splendours Colour Quartet & Liner Eye Palette [both are Limited Edition from the Summer 2013 Collection] for a while. Some of you already might have seen my Instagram pics of the more natural look I wore at first and the slightly more smokey eye that I'm wearing in these pics! I thought the first look I created didn't showcase this eyeshadow palette beautifully enough, so I then created a more smokey look that features the true bronzed summer beauty look! The packaging is stunning, like something straight out of Da Vinci Code, really intricate and decadent.

For this look I have used the eyeliner and the eyeshadows [all accept the nude shade in the bottom right]. To make a bronzy eye make-up look more intense I used MAC Paint Pot in Constructivist as a base. Then I applied the copper shade [top left] all over the lid, and the brown [bottom left] just in the outer v, for more depth but you can still see the copper eyeshadow beautifully coming through. The lightest shade I used as the highlighter on the brow-bone, and the eyeliner [a dark matte brown] I applied over the top lash line, and lower blending it a little with both the brown and copper, also applying the eyeliner on the waterline [I used the angle brush that comes in the palette]. This eyeliner has a smooth texture, so you can smudge it and blend it before it sets, it stays put!

And then of course to finish off the classic bronzed summer look I contoured my cheeks with the Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact, taking it on the temples, cheeks, and also where the sun hits. The shimmery centre I prefer to apply separately with a finger as with a brush the rest of the matte bronzer gets mixed with the shimmers, which you may not necessarily want. So I just dab my finger into it and then gently apply it just over the cheek-bone, for the glowy highlighted effect. Both the bronzer and eyeshadow palette are perfect for a natural summer look, that creates enough warmth for a glowy pretty look.


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