Tuesday 14 May 2013

Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Mask - Great Fix for Dehydrated Skin!

I recommended this Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Mask to my aunt who's got very dry skin type, we got it together when we went on a fun beauty/skincare shopping trip to Harrods. As a disclaimer I will mention that she is not into skincare or make-up in general so her skin tends to react to a lot of things, even mascaras... I couldn't repeat enough how important skincare is, and that you should start looking after your skin in mid to late 20s - skincare should be treated as a preventative rather than a magical cure! Her skin is very sensitive as it is not used to any active ingredients, so she ended up having a reaction [burning sensation] even from this product which actually is very soothing, so she gave it to me. 

I finally came around to try it last weekend! Last Friday I went to a family birthday dinner and had a few glasses of wine, approaching my 30s I find that my skin reacts quickly to dehydration, so next morning I woke up looking like my skin needed some extra love and care! I had absolutely no reaction towards this facial, in fact I found it incredibly soothing. It's a cooling gel like texture that you apply thinly on cleansed face, and either leave it for 10 minutes as a quick fix or leave it over night for a deep treatment. I have a combo and acne prone skin type which I am in control of now, but my skin started to get dehydrated on occasions. Acne prone skin is also sensitive to a lot of ingredients and can break out easily, but my skin reacted very well to this product, no breakouts at all!

Hyaluronic acid is fantastic for dehydrated skin as it plumps and injects moisture smoothing fine wrinkles and lines. This facial is also fantastic for a long flight, as the skin always gets so dehydrated. Dragon's Blood reduces redness with anti-oxidant benefits whilst Gransil smoothes imperfections for a firmer and flawless complexion. Dragon's Blood complex is a unique and potent Tree Sap extract which, when combined with Rodial's potent formulas, offer unrivalled benefits for anti-oxidant, soothing and anti-irritation properties. 

A Tip for extremely dehydrated and sensitive skin types: If your skin is super dehydrated and you are someone who somehow never indulged into great skincare before, then chances are that your skin will be very fragile and react to a lot of things. I started getting into skincare few years ago, and in the beginning I found a light irritation or burning sensation from a lot of serums and gentle creams, but then I started taking great care of my skin, having a regular skincare routine etc. So if you are new to exfoliators or any types of acids, start slowly, and in a way try to train your skin, apply the product for a few minutes and then gradually leave it on for longer. Also prior anything start moisturising, daily, day and night, use deep hydrating serums and moisturisers on top to intensify the result and only then advance to exfoliators and acids.


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