Monday 27 May 2013

My First Ever BirchBox - The Review and Swatches!

 BirchBox is £10.00 + P&P monthly subscription

Stunning OPI Aphrodite's Pink Nightie mini [in day light]

I have been using the Doctor Duve Anti Aging & Firming Eye Cream 
[which I decanted into an empty Laura Mercier sample container] -
over my Darphin Uplifting Serum Eyelids Definition [from my own collection]

Woohoo here is the May 2013 BirchBox! I got it couple of weeks ago and have been trying out the products to let you know what I think, so lets go... First of all it's a super exciting concept of having a box delivered every month filled with beauty goodies! A great way of trying products you have never heard of or vice versa things you always wanted to try but didn't get a chance. You get four main products, either a full-size or minis and then you get one Beauty Extra and a Lifestyle Extra. The boxes are not identical, they are filled in with slightly different products, so it's really a surprise what you get in your box, which makes it even more exciting as you don't know what to expect!

The May BirchBox was inspired by the glamour of Cannes Film Festival, to help you get the red carpet worthy skin and beautiful looking nails, as well as to detox and feel great before the big event. Here is the BirchBox description of the products and my experience with them:

OPI, Nail Lacquer
For red carpet worthy mani, just paint on this gorgeous colour from the iconic nail brand between a base and top coat. Easy! Full-size, £11.50 - Firstly, as it is OPI mini there is no name on the bottle and as I soon realised the only way to figure out is to either google and see if other bloggers had the same nailpolish and figured out what the shade is or take the bottle to the OPI counter and try to match it that way. I ended up having a bit of a nailpolish frenzy with this one as I loved it so much I had to know what it was called to get a full-size eventually. 

Funny enough, only a couple of weeks ago I got the OPI Japanese Rose Garden, which in the bottle next to the mini looked practically identical, but painted on they are two completely different shades. Anyways after an extensive online research [which wasn't easy] and then taking it to the counter - I can confirm that this is OPI Aphrodite's Pink Nightie - absolutely beautiful, I even prefer it to the Japanese Rose Garden! So I am very happy that BirchBox introduced me to this colour!! I had so many compliments for this shade, it's one of those that looks amazing on long nails, love!!

Elemental Herbology, Cell Plumping Facial Moisturiser SPF8
This concoction of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and ultra-hydrating botanicals boost and plump the skin's appearance and texture. Full-size, £42.00 - I haven't tried this product yet, but I have heard lots of good things about this brand beforehand. It smells lovely, and you get a 15ml sample [full-size is 50ml].

B/Attitude, Body Souffle
Known for their London restaurant Buddha-Bar and with a spa in Paris, B/Attitude's divinely-scented skincare treat nourishes and absorbs easily. Get ready your limbs for your red carpet moment. Full-size, £24.00 - This body moisturiser is incredibly rich, and smells very sweet and spicy, a pretty intense and over-powering middle eastern scent that lasts forever. I can't find how much product you get in the full-size jar as BirchBox doesn't specify how big the full-sizes are, but this one is 50ml.

Makebelieve, Sunbeam Bronzer & Brush
This matte bronzer is perfect for enhancing the natural contours of your face. Lightly dust onto the hollows of your cheeks and temples to highlight those cheekbones. Full-Size: £15.00 - This seems to be the full-size product this month, and I haven't tried it yet but it looks like a matte version of Nars Laguna.

Beauty Extra
Doctor Duve, Anti-Aging & Firming Eye Cream
A skincare heavyweight to tackle all your skin concerns around the eyes. This will boost skin moisture levels, reduce puffiness and active collagen production. Full-size [30ml], £115.00 - Now, this is another product I have really enjoyed, I love indulging eye skincare! This one has Hyaluronic Acid which is great for plumping up the skin with moisture and smoothing out fine lines. What I like to do with skincare samples that are expensive and I don't want to waste a drop, I decant them into one of those sample size tiny containers with screw on lids like this Laura Mercier one, that way you get a good few weeks if not a month worth of the product!

Lifestyle Extra
Kusmi Tea, Detox Tea
This healthy tea rids your body of pent-up toxins, boosts your energy and lowers your stress levels. Perfect for pre-event nerves! Full-size, £13.85 - I am not a huge fan of green tea but I actually ended up having a cup of this tea one night while I was having a bath and feeling under the weather, and by the end I felt more uplifted. It tastes quite nice, a blend of mate and green tea flavoured with lemon, and lemon glass. You get 20g in this sample jar.

Also in the box you get the BirchBox magazine which guides you through the products, and it's quite fun to read. If you like the products you then can purchase the full-sizes online at: 


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