Sunday 26 May 2013

Thierry Mugler Angel Perfuming Body Exfoliant!

This Angel scrub has been sitting on my bathtub for weeks, I have really enjoyed it! It's an incredibly luxurious and decadent body exfoliant! Most of us went through the 90s Angel craze, it was THE fragrance back then, and I still love wearing it when I'm in my Angel mood! Few years back I purchased some fragrance and the lady gave me a bunch of samples, one of which was this scrub. I forgot about it, and only a couple of months ago randomly came across the sample and decided to try it. I have never seen anyone mentioning this scrub. 

So I was pretty amazed how beautiful this scrub was, not only does it smell exactly like the fragrance, but also the scrub itself has that perfect texture that isn't too rough but does a great job exfoliating the skin. I must say I only use this scrub on special occasions, I'm using it very sparingly. You only need that little scoop-full for the entire body. The scent just like the original fragrance is very strong, and you almost don't need to wear the fragrance itself. It lasts gorgeously on the skin making it super soft. If you love the Angel fragrance you have to try this body exfoliant!!


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