Monday 20 May 2013

New Launch: Alessandro International Striplac Peel-Off Nailpolish UK Event!

Just two thin coats of Crazy Lazy looked perfect!

The lovely Karen! Thanks for inviting me to the Alessandro International Striplac event! x

It was nice meeting the lovely Britta who is the Alessandro International brand representative, 
we had a lovely chat and she shared all the exciting Alessandro International nailpolish news!

Woohoo, 99 shades of the regular Alessandro International nailpolish range!

If you follow my Instagram [alyonainfashionlove] you would have seen some of the images from the Alessandro International event I went to over a week ago. It was a nailpolish extravaganza, amazing products, loved every second of it! Had a bit of a crazy week since then, but finally here I am sitting at my desk and ready to share my Striplac peel-off nailpolish excitement with you! So let's go... The quality of Striplac is excellent! Basically Striplac looks like gel but is a nailpolish, which is super easy, quick and hassle-free to apply, looks professionally done, lasts amazingly, and comes off in seconds leaving you with healthy looking nails! Hence why it's called Striplac, it's the world-first technology that enables you to strip the nailpolish off in one piece, which doesn't damage the nails in the slightest! Hooray!!
The regular Alessandro International nailpolish range comes in 99 shades, at the minute Striplac comes in 24 shades from the regular range. But eventually Striplac will also come in all of the 99 shades, which will be pretty a-mazing as the variety of the shades is awesome, from stunning classic shades to more fun and on-trend colours. Speaking of which, I chose the shade 61 Crazy Lazy, which is a beautiful sapphire blue, as soon as I applied it I was obsessed! Striplac dries hard in just 60 seconds under the LED lamp resulting in a super glossy finish, that doesn't chip for 10 days!! As you can see when I peeled it off it still looked perfect after five days! The Starter Kit includes: LED lamp, Peel-Off nailpolish in Classic Red, Peel-Off Base & Top Coat, Cleansing Pads, 4-way multifunctional file, cuticle trimmer - at £119.95 and each separate Peel-Off nailpolish is £15.95. Available from May 2013 at:

Since I only did one nail on one hand in such a striking colour I wore it for five days before I took it off. It still looked perfect after five days, so it would easily last 10 days. Of course you don't have to wear it for 10 days if you want to change up the colour, but you have the option to have perfect nails for 10 days if you wish! It wore beautifully, it really looked professionally done and perfect! I have done that nail myself, it was very easy, you don't have to be a professional and I loved it immediately. The way you take it off is by lightly easing the edges off your nailplate and then gently and slowly peel the nailpolish off, my nail underneath Striplac looked healthy just as it did before applying Striplac. Striplac is great for anyone who likes to do their nails once in a while and forget about them, they will look perfect till the day you take them off. Equally I'd do Striplac for holidays, that way you get your nails done at home before leaving and don't have to schlep any nail products with you while you are away.


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