Tuesday 29 May 2012

bareMinerals 9-Piece Get Stareted Kit...

wearing on the face: 
bareMinerals 9-Piece Get Started Kit 
bareMinerals Ready The Aphrodisiac Blush

I did not apply any highlighters, as you can see
 bareMinerals foundation leaves you with a glowy and dewy finish...

...the heatwave in London is still going strong, 
loving wearing the colours at the moment...

nails: Deborah Lippmann On The Beach...

bareMinerals 9-Piece Get Started Kit in the shade Light...

Leslie Blodget is the lady who created bareMinerals...

here it comes!!

and this is what you get in the box:
[clockwise from the top]
  • Get Started DVD
  • Flawless Face Brush
  • Full Flawless Face Brush
  • Max Coverage Concealer Brush
  • Original Foundation SPF 15 in Light W15
  • Original Foundation SPF 15 in Fairly Light N10
  • Original Mineral Veil [finishing powder]
  • Warmth [bronzer/contour powder]
  • Prime Time [foundation primer]

...the new 'Click, Lock, Go' sifter,
to prevent you precious minerals going all over the place...

from the top:
Full Flawless Face
Max Coverage Concealer
Flawless Face

BareMinerals 9-Piece Get Started Kit has been a fun experience! As I opened the box it felt like Christmas again... To start off I made a nice cup of tea and sat down to watch the DVD which takes you step by step through the process and teaches you a simple and quick way of applying bareMinerals foundation... It actually is quite fun to have a bit of 'me' time... And then finally you get to play! The two foundations that come in this Light box are Fairly Light and Light [which I used on me in the pic]... I am a medium skin tone and thought I should have gone for the Medium box but luckily I was advised by the bareMinerals pros that I'm  definitely the Light box... 

As of now the Fairly Light is too light for me, and the Light is the perfect match! The Get Started Kit comes in four different shades: Light, Medium, Tan and Dark... Each of the boxes have two shades of foundation, one being lighter and the other darker - perfect for when we are more pale in the winter and then get a little tanned during summer... But also having two shades in each box means you will definitly have a perfect shade for you... If you find one is too light and the other too dark, mix them et voilà(!) a perfect shade created in the premises of your vanity table!

It comes with a foundation primer, which is a transparent gel looking primer... You can apply it over your moisturiser or on its own, it helps to create a smooth surface to which you then can apply the foundation... Not only will your finished make-up look more flawless but also stay longer as primers tend to control the oil in the skin, whichever skin type you have you will contribute from the primer... Then the trick with the foundation is to buff plenty!! The foundation is very buildable... When I started applying it I thought no way will I get enough coverage for my acne scars... But taking my time and really working it into the skin by buffing it it gave me a great coverage... You can use the same foundation as a concealer too, just take the Max Coverage Concealer Brush that enables you to pick up enough of the powder and place it onto the places that need more coverage... I also used it under my eyes with the Concealer Brush...

Talking of brushes, these are great quality brushes!! The Full Flawless Face Brush is great for buffing, it kind of feels like a Kabuki brush, nice and dense and very soft! And the Flawless Face Brush is great for applying the Warmth, lightly all over the face gently touching to create a healthy natural look... This brush is also great for contouring,  the result of which you can see on the second pic... And then to finish gently dust a tiny amout of Original Mineral Veil over the face to set the make up... And Ta Da! 

Other than making you look flawless without a make-up feel bareMinerals are actually great for your skin! They are natural without the harsh chemicals, and according to statistic "90% of women saw improvements in their skin's appearance with continued use"! So in a way it's like make-up with treatment! Another point that was great to learn from the DVD is that a lot of women with dry skin hesitate to use bareMinerals foundation because they think it will make them look powdery... The bareMinerals looks like powder but blends like foundation, leaving you with a smooth, soft, and younger looking skin! Beautiful!


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