Tuesday 22 May 2012

Lush You Snap The Whip...

Lush You Snap The Whip Body Scrub Bar...

nails: China Glaze Flirty Tankini
[from the new Neons Summer 2012 Collection]

I like to prep my skin for a nice sun tan... The more exfoliated and smooth your skin is the prettier and long lasting the tan will be... I tried a few different scrubs, but this one is hands down my favourite one... I try to exfoliate at least once a week through out the year except during summer when my skin is naturally a little more sensitive from being exposed to the sun... The reason I love You Snap The Whip, and have repurchased it already second time, is because it really is hardcore! Do not attempt to place it directly onto your skin, unless you have a very thick or bulletproof skin... It works best when you just froth it up in your palms and then massage it onto your bits and pieces that need some smoothing... 

But it also has a soft side to it - it's super moisturising and rich in emollient macadamia oil and cocoa butter...  What I also love about this scrub bar is the scent(!) - blackcurrant being one of my favourite scents it feels like an explosion of sweet berries in your shower... Another warning is that being packed with charcoal to deeply cleanse your skin the scrub bar is as you can see black, and makes a mess so just be aware of that when scrubbing!


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