Saturday 19 May 2012

Bright Accessories Hunt!

It's the tinniest and cutesiest yellow over-body bag I have ever seen! I love the yellow, it's such a beautiful crisp lemon yellow! It isn't so bright it'd hurt your eyes or glow in the dark yet it is definitely not a pale yellow! I love the gold clasp detail and the chain! Awesome! As you can see it won't fit in a hell lot, but honestly I am currently sick with overloading my handbags... Living in Hampstead I quite often pop out to get a quick coffee, or to pick up something at the post office, just running day-to-day errands really, when I don't need a full-blown handbag that fits five lipsticks, two notebooks, umbrella, and all the other unnecessary crap we all like to schlep around with us all day long... Anyways now you got to guess where this little gem is from... And you never will! H&M, yes baby(!) - pretty good quality and look at the awesome lining - do I need to say more?! Loving it!!! A summer must-have... 


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