Monday 21 May 2012

No Mambo Jambo...

H&M Nail Polish in No Mambo Jambo...

Currently I am on a hunt for bright yellow and teal nail polishes... I never liked too crazy colours on my nails, but this year my colour cravings migrated to Puerto Rico - I guess it must be the fact that we almost had no Spring in London this year, and after all those clouds and rain we all are starved for colours to brighten up our days!! 

Last night I dropped by a friends place, thinking I was dressed in rather subtle colours - his first comment was 'wow you are bright!' I was wearing my current favourite pair of blue cropped pants, white tank top, denim shirt, white loose cardi, bright yellow over the body tiny bag, and a scarf that goes from grey to white and then lime/lemon neon... So really not that many colours! Ha! 

Right now I'm totally protesting against black and other dark winter colours for day-wear!! So yes when I saw the No Mambo Jambo nail polish I was wowed! It's a duo-chrome teal with blue shimmer... Uhh!! It's the most amazing and unique teal nail polishes I have ever come across!! All the nail polish lovers have to check this one out, like NOW!!


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