Monday 14 May 2012

The Sun is Up!

wearing: flower print blouse by Zara

We, aka the Londoners, have been enjoying the stunning sunshine this weekend... You take the camera, hit the road and enjoy the goodness of a beautiful day in the pretty Cotswold... As we were devouring our lunch a thought crossed my mind... Such a long time has gone by yet still every single guy I meet I compare to him... In the good way, in the most sensible way possible... He just set the bar pretty high, making it so easy for me to move on fast from the guys that are just not quite Big enough... 

One day you may find yourself with someone who has no idea what you're made out of... You have to explain everything to them because they just kind of are very far from getting you... Yet on another day you may find yourself having a spontaneous beautiful Italian dinner at Novikov with a man that makes you feel like a million dollars... Suddenly things are a much better fit... You are having a good and fun conversation through out the dinner, he has a great taste in food, he's making you laugh, offering you to taste his dessert, making you feel looked after... You like his music, his driving is unbelievably good [it's a must have for me - I always believe 'the way you drive the car is the person you are in life']...  The most perfect and elegant way to end this beautiful weekend! Who knows if things will work out, too soon to say... But one thing is certain the sun is up again...


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