Wednesday 16 May 2012

Calzedonia Swimwear Summer 2012...

 bikini: Calzedonia, Indonesia in Limone
necklace: Zara

A big shout-out to this Italian swimwear brand! I was actually looking for a nice bright bikini, yellow on tanned skin looks fantastic... And this is the only style I like my bikinies to be, I don't like any straps on my bikini top, so it was a perfect find... This one is very basic, it doesn't even have any padding, which I think is kind of sexy... But Indonisia also comes with padding if you prefer and different colours too! So hopefully I won't be having any "Sabrina" [in the Boys, Boys, Boys video] wardrobe malfunctions... 

Calzedonia have a great swimwear variety for different ages, styles, including kids bikinis and men-swimwear! There were couple more pieces I quite liked from their catalogue, the super sexy Calicanto one piece; and the Digitale bikini is just supper fun because you can wear it three ways! So yeh definitely worth checking out! But most importantly they are doing this awesome environmental campaign till 30th June [this summer] - you can bring them your old bikini which they will recycle and you will get £5 off your next purchase at Calzedonia store. So if you have any old bikinis lying around - now you know what to do with them - make space for new ones!


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