Tuesday 21 August 2012

Bliss Super Minty...

Sunday was such a hot and sticky day in London... Sane people were out and about enjoying the sunshine(!), having BBQs, picnics, you name it... But I voluntarily imprisoned myself in my flat tidying up and sorting stuff out for four hours... It's one of those things you are meaning to do for ages and one day you just have to do it because otherwise hell knows when you'll get around to it... By the end I was so hot and bothered I had to take a lukewarm revitalising bath... It was the perfect time for Bliss Super Minty!

The Super Minty Soapy Suds Body Wash + Bubbling Bath felt really refreshing... On a super hot day that's exactly what you want - to be refreshed... I'd imagine if you have a sunburn this would be really soothing to use in the shower... The Super Minty Body Butter Maximum Moisture Cream is very light and moisturising... The only thing is the scent, obviously it's minty, kind of sweet vanilla mint... It's just a personal thing, I associate mint with chewing gum, mouthwash and Mojito... And so, as all over body moisturiser it's a bit much for me, but I would definitely use it on sensitive skin patches after sun bathing... It's beautifully cooling! All in all perfect for a hot summery day, or a very hot evening for that matter...


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