Friday 17 August 2012

Guerlain Terracotta Light in Sun Brunettes...

Yes-yes, I know I'm not a brunette, but this shade is most appealing to me... This is the darkest bronzer, 05... I never go by the colours or shades that are suggested for my complexion unless I think it works... Guerlain Terracotta Light is a Sheer Bronzing Powder and it comes in four different shades Blondes 2 02, Blondes 4 04, and Brunettes 3 03, Brunettes 5 05 - the two Blondes have pink undertones in them and Brunettes the peach undertones... The 02 and 03 are more subtle and the 04 and 05 are more vibrant... This bronzer has a mixture of shades, the vibrant peach is a satin and the gold, sand and bronze are pearlescent to give you a beautifully sunkissed luminous glow... It's a beautiful bronzer... And the scent is so gorgeous(!) - it's described as: "Warm and sensual summer notes that are totally irresistible." 



  1. I really REALLY want this in Sun Blondes but I'm torn between this one and the Dior Nude one in the funky silver compact.
    Have you ever tried that one? xx

    1. Personally I haven't tried Dior Nude, but it seems like it's on a matte side... It will leave a much more natural finish all year round.. Whereas Guerlain Terracotta Light gives you that summery pretty glow.. So it depends what you want.. xx