Monday 3 December 2012

Gift Guide 2012: Essie Snap Happy & Attempted Nail Art!

I had about half an hour to play with my nails... Not having had much practice with Nail Art in general I decided to get some inspo and discovered pretty amazing Nail Artists, one girl painted Dali, Mondrian, and other modern paintings on her nails... I also came across plenty of really tacky nail designs... I wanted something simple and so I came up with just black stripes over red nail polish... I'm not convinced I did a great job, clearly I cannot even do a straight line when it comes to Nail Art... Maybe it comes from never getting Mondrian's unimaginative black straight lines... I like mine uneven and creative, there, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

First I painted my nails with Essie Snap Happy, which is a gorgeous tomato red or as described by Essie - 'incandescent vermillion'... It is saturated just like all the other Essie non glitter nail polish shades from the Winter 2012 Collection! If I had to pick just two of my favourite shades from this collection, after intensive decision-making I would choose Snap Happy along with Where's My Chauffeur? - but I do love all the colours from this collection, I will link all my swatches below... 

And to draw the lines I used Models Own Nail Art Pen in black, which has a thin long brush on one end and a miniscule pen on the other, which you can use for more detailed work by squeezing the bottle... It is ok although I found that even after waiting for about five minutes for the black lines to dry they still would pull when applying the top coat, potentially ruining the design... But I think being a total Nail Art beginner I did a relatively good job...

Essie Winter 2012 Collection - click here!
Essie Butler Please + Essie Beyond Cozy - click here!
Essie She's Pampered + Essie Leading Lady - click here!


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