Friday 14 December 2012

Gift Guide 2012: Voluminous Hair Style with Umberto Giannini Party Glamour Mini Kit!

Lately I had absolutely no time for creating a glam party up-do, so I thought to show you what I do with my hair when I want something voluminous in no time... This is a simple side pony-tail, to make it look modern all it needs is some jujjing up by creating big volume and texture... For that I first used Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Morning After Dry Shampoo to create some texture at the roots, and then I sprayed his Glam Hair Backcomb In A Bottle in places where I wanted lots and lots of volume... Few sprays and you are ready to go! Oh and also I was quite surprised but the Painted Lady Feliner that comes in this mini kit and I am also wearing, is pretty good actually... In the kit you also get the Rock N' Roll Extreme Hairspray, which I haven't tried yet... All of the four Umberto Giannini products come in a trendy studded black make-up bag!


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