Monday 12 November 2012

Gift Guide: Essie Winter 2012 Collection!!

Essie Winter 2012 Collection - From Left to Right: 
Snap Happy; Leading Lady; She's Pampered; Beyond Cozy; Butler Please; Where's My Chauffeur?

Essie Winter 2012 Collection
 Snap Happy; Leading Lady; She's Pampered Butler Please; Where's My Chauffeur; Beyond Cozy?

 Here is the description of every shade:

Snap Happy - "Voulez-vous get a lot of attention? Eye-popping vermillion is impossible to deny. 
With just one snap of her fingers, this color gets her noticed."

Leading Lady - "Twinkle, twinkle major major star. 
Rule the red carpet and land the coveted role in glittering high-wattage crimson."

She's Pampered - "To the victor go the spoils. 
Work hard and treat yourself like a VIP with outrageously luxurious scarlet." 

Butler Please - "This rapturous, blue-blooded siren simply adores being waited on hand and foot, 
thank you very much."

Where's My Chauffeur? - "She's driven, all right. Catch a ride with elegant, 
gorgeous turquoise that never fails to drive them wild."

Beyond Cozy - "To get a little closer, don't be shy. 
Invest in golden sparkle power that gives a new meaning to legal tender."

Essie Winter 2012 Collection - Where's My Chauffeur?
and my mouth-watering a/w food addiction - Sweet & Salty Popcorn!!

Welcome to Infashionlove Gift Guide! For the next few weeks I will be featuring gift ideas, stocking fillers, inspiring make-up and nail looks and everything festive! I hope you are already as excited about Christmas as I am, or at least getting there! After much consideration I decided to start my Gift Guide with the Essie Winter 2012 Collection! So I'd love to share this collection with you before it even hits the shops, yay! It will be available in salons and on the high street in November... I was so excited to receive the entire collection especially because it was the first collection where I adored every single colour... The colour palette is just so uplifting, these nail polishes are super saturated! Two reds, two glitters and to fun shades... I decided before I get to paint my nails in all of the colours to show you the swatches, to share this collection with you already as I feel like a kid in a candy store, super excited... So here it goes! 

Essie Winter 2012 Collection is inspired by the modern woman who is "totally driven, desiring the best of everything", which basically has been my mantra this year and it took me far from where I was when I started... I think women can be very strong, much stronger than men sometimes and we need to keep together like sisters and be there for one another, because men may come, crumble and go, but we stay strong and get even stronger... Be it a lipstick, a career or a man, we should always go for the best! Deep... When I saw the colours in real life they looked as amazing as on the images I first got to see... The colour that screamed my name was the gorgeous teal Where's My Chauffeur?, which I decided to wear immediately! I have been obsessed with teals this year, during summer it was my go-to shade... 

I think it's fantastic for Essie to bring out such a fun pop colour in the cold winter! I will feature the colours separately as I go, also creating festive nail looks, so you'll get to see the swatches over the next couple of weeks... Personally if I'd get any Essie nail polish in my stocking I'd very happy, Essie nail polishes always cheer me up, the colours are always on trend, going from fun to sophisticated... Love, love, love! Nuff said...



  1. Oooo that's a stunning poilish on you, I'm a big Essie fan too and "leading lady" is calling my name, as well as "butler please" and "Beyond Cozy" I'm a glitter a'holic :)
    Great review and you have beautiful shaped nails xx

    1. Thanks Wendy! I'm thinking of wearing Butler Please [stunning cobalt blue!] next with Beyond Cozy as an accent for a festive nail look, will try to blog it in the next couple of days! xx

    2. Lovely, can't wait to see that, you're influencing all my purchases here lol :) xx