Thursday 16 January 2014

MAC Brush Cleanser Review!

Hey Beauty Lovers! The way I take care of my make-up brushes is by giving them a wash in a shampoo every couple of week for a thorough cleanse. It takes a while until they are dry again, so I usually do it in the evening and let them air-dry by laying them flat on a towel, and in the morning they are ready to go again. I have never used a brush cleanser before, but after watching Sani's January Makeup Detox Part 2 vid on her YouTube channel missmai27 I realised how much easier life becomes when you have a brush cleanser on hand!

MAC Brush Cleanser helps to keep your brushes clean in between uses. Basically after applying an eyeshadow or blusher or anything really, you can do on spot cleansing simply by adding a bit of the brush cleansing liquid onto a tissue and wiping the brush back and forth until it swatches clear. This means that I can use my most favourite brushes on a daily basis with different products without inevitably mixing the shades and without having to properly washing them every time! I prefer decanting the MAC Brush Cleanser into a small travel-size spray bottle, this way I find I need less of the brush cleanser, so it will last longer. How I lived without a brush cleanser before I have no idea...


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