Monday 27 January 2014

On-Trend: Matte Nails with Chic Vintage Cameo Nail Art!

 BarryM Matte in Vanilla

 Essie in Licorice

 BarryM Matte in Vanilla + Essie in Licorice

 MoYou London Stamping Nail Art Plate 07 from the Tourist Collection

Hey Beauty Lovers! I have been considering getting the nail art stamping plates for a while and finally jumped on the bandwagon. There are a few great brands out there that are favoured by nail artists, however when I found the MoYou London nail art stamping plates I immediately decided to get them because the design and the look of a product is always significant to me, and I just love the concept of these plates. Classically the nail art stamping plates come in round disks, but I prefer these rectangular plates as you get more designs on them and I find them more convenient to work with and more practical. Also the metal plates have a plastic back which prevents you from cutting yourself on the metal edges which often happens with the round plates. And every plate comes in an individual cute vintage paper envelope. 

So to create this chic vintage cameo nail art look, firstly I painted my nails in BarryM Matte Vanilla [2 coats], it's an incredibly flattering pinkish nude, these are my favourite matte nailpolishes, the formula is amazing! Then I tried to stamp my accent nail also using a matte black nailpolish but it didn't work at all, so you have to give it a go and see which nailpolishes stamp best. From my trials it seems the more opaque a nailpolish is the better it stamps. So I changed to Essie Licorice which is a super pigmented cream black and it worked beautifully.

To stamp a design you will need a stamper and a scraper which you can ordered separately. I have ordered two MoYou London plates from Amazon and five from MoYou website directly, and they were delivered in a couple of days. Then you choose which design you want to stamp, paint a nailpolish colour of your choice over the design thickly and quickly, then scrape the excess off holding the scraper at 45 degrees angle and quickly press the stamper over the design and stamp it onto the nail. It will take some practice but it's actually very easy once you get the hang of it. This black cameo vintage silhouette looks particularly chic over matte nude nails!


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