Wednesday 29 January 2014

On-Trend: Butter London Union Jack Black + Stratford Honey!

 Wearing Joubi Kosey [red feline ears] 18-karat gold plated ring.
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 Butter London Union Jack Black [two coats]

 Butter London Stratford Honey [one coat]

 L to R: Butter London Stratford Honey + Union Jack Black

FYI: Joubi Kosey ring is a great V-Day gift idea!!

Hey Beauty Lovers! I have been obsessed with Butter London nailpolishes lately, as you probably can tell... I quite like the idea of wearing black nailpolish with an overcoat, be it a shimmer, glitter or duo-chrome it gives the black tips that modern edge and takes the classic black to the next level. Butter London Union Jack Black is a cream black nailpolish, it's on a sheer side with one coat, but with two coats it's beautifully opaque, super smooth and application is great. 

Over the top I'm wearing Butter London Stratford Honey, which is a gorgeous gold glitter overcoat. The glitters are small mixed with super fine glitter particles on a clear base, and it's not a glitter over-kill so you can still see the base colour. For a sheer effect wear one overcoat or for more glitters layer a couple more coats. And on a side-note if you also love the Joubi Kosey ring, for more info and pics check out my full review by clicking here!


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