Thursday 2 January 2014

Essie Sleek Stick Nail Stickers in Love to Love You!

Hey Beauty Lovers! Happy New Year, I hope you had a blast of a celebration and lots of champagne!! When it comes to nail-stickers they are purely an emergency situation. Just like today, I had a massive chip on my nail and was in no mood for a full-on manicure as I was feeling way too lazy for that but I was going out so had to have decent looking nails. From all the nail-stickers I have tried these are my favourite so far. First of all I love the design! They are quick and easy to apply [no need for drying time] and easy to take off [ just peel them off]! They come with a little file that takes off the excess sticker on the tip. My general problem with nail-stickers is that they never perfectly fit my nail-plate. But purely out of convenience these are great!


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