Tuesday 7 January 2014

On-Trend: Decadent Floral Nail-Art with Essie!

L to R:
Essie Beyond Cozy, Licorice, Merino Cool

Hey Beauty Lovers! The other day I went through my entire Essie nailpolish collection and found Merino Cool, which I haven't worn in ages. Merino Cool [cream cool toned taupe] was one of my very first Essie purchases. So I decided to take a walk down the memory lane and create a nail-art look incorporating Merino Cool, I'm wearing two coats of it as a base. For the decadent floral nail-art I got inspired by flicking through Mr Candiipants' Instagram. 

It's one of her older nail-art looks, she calls it the 'Grown Up Floral Nail Art'. This is of course nothing like hers, her nail-art looks a-mazing, it's impeccable and very neat!! But I liked the general shape of the flower and made it bigger and also applied a touch of gold glitter to create a velvet kind of effect. For the flower I used Essie Licorice [cream black] and for the glitter I used Essie Beyond Cozy [fine champagne gold glitter], applying both with a super fine artists brush.


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