Sunday 19 January 2014

V-Day Inspired Nail Art: Hot Pink Kisses!

 Essie Blanc

 Essie A Cut Above

From L to R:
Essie Tour de Finance, Essie On A Silver Plater, Essie A Cut Above

Hey Beauty Lovers! Here is a cute nail art look for the upcoming V-Day. I really enjoyed wearing this look because the hot pink kisses look crisp on the white base with a touch of bling. So here it goes... To create this look I painted my nails with Essie Blanc, which is a super pigmented true white, one coat is a bit streaky but two coats look perfect. Once the white nailpolish has dried I then created these super sexy hot pink lips by using a medium sized dotting tool, gently dotting the rough shape of the lips leaving a tiny gap in the middle so that they look more like lips. For the hot pink I used Essie Tour de Finance, which is a cool toned hot pink with a blue sheen. 

For some extra glamour I decided to add a bit of bling by using two types of glitter, this also creates more depth. Also with the dotting tool I randomly applied Essie On A Silver Plater, which is a very interesting intricate glitter overcoat, it has a super fine gold glitter with small and large holographic glitter particles. Over the top I applied Essie Luxeffects A Cut Above, which is a super cute [clear base] rose gold pink glitter with small and large particles. And that's it!


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