Tuesday 30 October 2012

Lee Stafford Volumizing Mousse + Sea Salt Spray...

As promised, here are the Lee Stafford hair care products for creating a voluminous and textured look that I have using for couple of weeks now... I have used them in conjunction and really enjoyed the end result... What I love about this Volumizing Mousse is that it absolutely doesn't weight my hair down and gives me a volume that stays until I need to wash my hair... It's not crispy or sticky even if you apply a little too much, it still leaves your hair soft to the touch... All you need to do is to apply the mousse evenly onto towel dry hair, into the length and the roots... 

Then on top I sprayed the Sea Salt Spray to create that beach babe look... You can also use it on dry hair to bring a tousled texture to your hair... Compared to the other sea salt sprays I have used this one doesn't mattify your hair, which is due to the sunflower extract that helps to moisturise and bring shine to your hair... And it also repairs and protects against free radicals leaving your hair soft and bounce... If you want just a tousled or voluminous hair style you don't have to use both products at the same time obviously, it's just how I styled my hair and absolutely loved it!


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