Tuesday 23 October 2012

Kurt Geiger Vero Boots...

Initially I wasn't going to blog about these booties as they are not the most beautiful pair of shoes I have ever encountered but ever since getting them, which must have been about a month ago, I have been wearing these non stop... I refuse wearing any other shoes, for the moment being at least, as these are so comfortable and go with anything, apart from denim jeans I find... They are super easy to put on, no buckles, no lacing process to go through, zip up, zip down, and done... These are proper walking boots, I can walk in them for hours, no problem at all... I guess it's the platform and the stable shape of the heel is what makes them so comfortable and easy to walk in... 

They are quite chunky and wide at the ankle... The masculine shoe shape is on trend this a/w in fact, none of that pointy toe or stiletto heel business, thank god... Being pretty masculine they are not ridiculously ugly... They bring an edge to an outfit and that's what I like about them... I love wearing them with black skinny jeans, or black tights and a floaty  skirt... When you look at them from the front they just look like a continuation of your black outfit, but when you see them from the side their clogginess gives the look a bit of a character without wanting to be in the limelight... And also the black leather is quite thick and I don't need to worry about being rained on... Shoelicious!


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