Sunday 14 October 2012

Lush - New Hair Care Range!

Lush has launched a new hair care range a couple of weeks ago, and these two products are from this range... I tried them today first time and I was blown away... It's been hours and hours since I washed my hair and it still smells so good... The Fair Trade Honey Shampoo smells of honey as one would imagine, and pretty strong, leaving your hair looking shiny, lustrous, and voluminous... Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume is something out of this world... There is no doubt I will be repurchasing this products over and over... Absolutely loving it! It is meant to moisturise and strengthen your hair, as well as leaving it shiny... This conditioner is called Hair Perfume for a reason, it's stunningly scented with various oils... It's quite a punch of fragrance, great for a crispy autumn day when you don't want to wear a fragrance but want to smell gorgeous, it's a very cosy and sexy scent... 

The ingredients list of the Hair Perfume is quite impressive, it includes: Rose Water, Orange Blossom Water, Almond Milk, Organic Jojoba Oil, Neroli Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Rosewood Oil, and Rose Oil... For some reason it hits me with jasmine too, although it's not in the ingredients.. But I absolutely love jasmine, so it's a plus... On the bottle it says it will 'turn heads' and it really did - I washed my hair before going to the Heath for a nice walk and with a little gust of wind I could smell my beautifully fragranced hair, and a few people did turn their heads indeed... In conjunction Fair Trade Honey Shampoo and Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume, gave me a beautiful looking hair day, shiny and hydrated, just as promised!


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